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Francesco Cilione

Trumpeter - Composer - Arranger - Educator


Francesco Cilione

"An eclectic trumpet player, he has been playing without making distinctions among musical genres and has been interested in spreading love for music in music laboratories and classes, especially for young people, for years..." - La Stampa

Projects and Collaborations

Solo, classical Duo, electric Duo, Trio, Quartet, Ensemble... Chamber music, Marching band... full Music ahead!

Music and Productions

"My" music...

School Projects

I started teaching in 2006. I always believe in my vocation as teacher and I invest in this everyday with the same energy expressed during my concert activity.


My contact information

Address: Via G. Ferraris 21A - Asigliano (VC)
Phone: (+39) 329 9271586
 SIAE Position Number: 228466

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