Francesco Cilione || Trombettista, Compositore, Arrangiatore, Educatore - Wind band Festival "Azzurra Lorenzo" at Asciano (SI) 

Francesco Cilione

Trumpeter - Composer - Arranger - Educator


Wind band Festival "Azzurra Lorenzo" at Asciano (SI)

Fanfare "Ten. Gianantonio Donato" in concert

Festival "Azzurra Lorenzo" at Asciano (SI)

Event  |  Date: 21/09/2019 - 21:15  |  

From the love for a great majorette, a festival of excellence was born, where the best Bands performed in the parade along the streets of the Old Town up to the church of San Francesco! 21 September
9.15 pm Concert of the Fanfare “Ten. Gianantonio Donato ”at the Church of San Francesco in live streaming on NTi media channel 271