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A-T-PIC ensemble

a portable mini-orchestr...

A-T-PIC ensemble
A portable mini wind orchestra, a touring quintet/sextet that will involve young and old with lively music and great energy!
The original arrangements of the national-popular repertoire and wind bands are perfect for any outdoor party occasion, in shopping malls and wherever you want to bring joy!!!
Does your country have no gang?
Want to liven up your party?
Do you want cheerful music for your event?
Do you want to solemnly accompany your civil or religious ceremony?
The A-T-pic Ensemble is the one for you !!!

Francesco Cilione - Trumpet
Marcello Trinchero - Trumpet
Luca Cecchini - Trombone
Marco Garbero - Tenor Sax
Marco Anastasio - Sousaphone

Chicco Accornero - Drums 

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"Il Monferrato" - June 22, 2018 - Aperto per Cultura
"Il Monferrato" - Aug 9, 2019 - Music "on the River"
"" - 03 April 2022 - Success of the Fora Tüt and the
 French market too
 thanks to the band A-
 T-pic Ensemble
"La Sesia" - September 12, 2022 - Sports Day
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Xmas Markets 2017 in Vercelli
San Caio 2020 a Palazzolo
All spring Outside 2022 in Vercelli
“Luci e Natale in Città” - Dec 2022
A-T-pic Ensemble per ANPI Vercelli - 25 Aprile 2023
Trino in Piazza - 11 Giugno 2023
Festa patronale di Asigliano vercellese - Maj 14, 2023
A-T-pic Ensemble alla festa dell’uva di Borgomanero (NO) - September 10, 2023
Giornale La Voce - Torna lo "sbarazzo"/ fuori tutto! a Chivasso - September 12, 2023
Lo sbarazzo at Chivasso - September 17, 2023
Natale è già nell’aria!
A-T-pic Ensemble - Dic 2023 - Natale ad Invorio
A-T-pic Ensemble - Dic 2023 - Natale a Tortona